2022 Coaching Applications

Position Description – Team Coach

Coach of a team is the leader of the group and should always display appropriate behaviour. Their role is to help players develop skills and positive attitudes to physical activity and sport generally.
SKILLS AND REQUIREMENTS:- Effective communication; A sound organiser; Working knowledge of the rules and skills of the game; Be able to organise team players so that they gain benefit from involvement; Current ‘Working with Children’ Blue Card.
ORGANISATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS:– All Committee and Sub-Committees of the club; Members and Volunteers; Local and State Sporting Associations – namely Brisbane Rugby League/Qld Rugby League.

Key Responsiblities

  • Volunteers must ensure the club and teams comply with all legislation – Association Incorporation; Member protection, welfare and safety; and National/State/Local Sporting Associations.
  • Volunteers must ensure the club is run according to its rules (constitution), purpose, policies and procedures.
  • Volunteers must act in the best interest of the entire club and its members at all times, and not use their position for promotion of an individual.
  • Coaches must hold appropriate qualifications as stipulated by the league/region/state, and attend updates as required to maintain accreditation.
  • Coaches must hold a current ‘Working with Children’ Blue Card.
  • Coaches should have a thorough knowledge of the laws of the game, and specific rules relating to the age groups.
  • Coaches should have a sound understanding of modern coaching and teaching principles.
  • Coaches of international teams should have a sound working knowledge of positions and be able to evaluate the best position for each player.
  • Coaches encourage players and team support officials to abide by the rules at all times, support the National Code of Conduct and National Safe Play Code.
  • Coaches encourage players to become involved in rugby league as a safe, healthy and enjoyable activity.
  • Coaches should introduce programs to improve player’s fitness levels for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Coaches should have good motivational and communication skills.
  • Coaches encourage players to develop a proper attitude to competitiveness.
  • Coaches should ensure that the coaching reflects the level of the competition being played.
  • Coaches should test, evaluate and refine each player’s individual skills.
  • Coaches foster club spirit amongst all players and encourage them to participate in a sporting manner.
  • Coaches must adhere to the coaching directors guidance in line with the coaching directs hand book at all times (example handbook attached)
  • Coaches must agree and follow the direction of your nominated age group senior coach and adhere to the development framework stipulated in the coaches handbook/coaching director
    • Pre-season training will commence under the guidance of the coaching director and the senior coach of each age group.
    • All Players are required to attend group trainingsessions at the start of the season under the direction of the senior coach in each age group
    • The coaching director/development officers will help the senior coach of each age group, grade the players into their designated division
  • Coaches must understand that as per BRL operations manual, precedent to filling higher division teams each week must take priority over lower grades in the same age group.
  • Coaches need to support the coaching initiatives of the club and local/region/state associations.
  • Coaches are to refrain from unnecessary criticism of Referees.
  • Coaches and Managers are responsible for ensuring they have support staff (ie Touch Judge/League Safe/FAO) and that all support staff have the appropriate accreditation for their position.
  • Coaches and Managers are responsible for all club gear given to the team and ensure its prompt return at the finish of the season.
  • Coaches and Managers have a ‘duty of care’ to the members of their team, and are responsible for their safety both at training and games.