Age Group Structures /

Under 6s - Under 8s

The teams and competition in these age groups are all about participation, fun, being involved, playing with and making new friends, excite and inspire all involved.

This will allow the younger players to improve their knowledge of the game, be coached from the basics and engage them with drills that are fun based which will allow them to flourish under guidance from their coaches, the coaching mentor and the club itself.

Under 9s - Under 10s

The teams and competition in these age groups will expand on their earlier years and team structure, drills and development will be implemented. The participants over this period will evolve dramatically which will enable coaches to expand their players knowledge in the game and how it is played under the Norths Juniors guidelines. The aim of coaching in these ages is to build the Norths culture with the players and ready them for the coming years and assisting in the building of team structures for the Under 11s and 12s.

Under 11s - Under 12s

The teams and competition in these age groups will again develop to the next stage under the Norths Juniors training guidelines. Teams will be composed of participants of equal standards as to let every player enjoy their time at training and games, this will establish a much minded environment for participants, coaches and families [this process will only be applied with direction from the coaches and coaching mentor]. More detailed drills and structures will be implemented by the coaching staff and regularly overseen by the coaching mentor. These age groups will train as squads for part of the training sessions and then break into individual teams as to give the players more attention on specific drills.

Under 13s - Under 18s

As per above, teams to be graded and establish a strong Norths culture, all overseen by coaches and the Norths Juniors Coaching Mentor.


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